British Values

Promoting British Values at Ash Grove Academy

The school takes opportunities to promote British Values, defined by the government as the following:

·         Democracy

·         The rule of law

·         Individual liberty

·         Mutual respect

·         Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

In actively promoting British Values, we focus on, and are able to show how our work with pupils is effective in, embedding fundamental British values. Actively promoting, also means challenging pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values, including ‘extremist’ views.

Here are some examples of promoting british values that have taken place in school during 2016-17:

20th February – Multi Cultural Day

In line with the agenda of Tolerance and Respect, the children took part in a Multi-Cultural Day. Each class focused on a particular culture and the day finished with a multi-cultural dance presentation.

Reception – Spain

Year 1 – China

Year 2 – Africa

Year 3 – Mayans

Year 4 – Egypt

Year 5 – North America

Year 6 - South America.

13th February – Year 1 & 2 Visit to the Methodist Church.

As part of understanding how to respect and understand the beliefs and values of others, Year 1 and 2 took a trip to the Macclesfield Methodist Church were the learnt more about the ceremonies of Baptism and Marriage.

13th February – Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about the festival of Raksha Bandhan and making their own Rakhi to give to a friend. This has taught the children how individual liberty and respect for others.

13th February – Year 4 Egyptian Art Workshop

In order to understand more about the cultures of others, Year 4 have taken part in an art workshop focussing on Egypt.

Spring 1 – Residential Visits to Delamere and Robinwood

Classes 1 & 2 visited Delamere and Classes 3 & 4 went to Robinwood. The focus of both overnight trips was teambuilding, cooperation and developing resilience. The children benefited hugely from understanding their own roles and responsibilities and how this underpins the value of respect for individual liberty.

9th February – Young Voices

The Ash Grove choir took part in the Young Voices concert at the MEN arena in Manchester where they were given the opportunity to work collaboratively with other schools from across the wider community. This opportunity provided the children with the ideal means of developing their respect and tolerance from children from other backgrounds.

8th February – Reception trip to Macclesfield Library

In order to understand more about services in our community the reception class visited the library and enrolled. They were given the opportunity to learn more about the choices and benefits available to all individuals within the local community.

7th February – Safer Internet Day

Thank you to Sarah and Luke, our police community support officers who visited school to discuss with the children the Rule of Law in particular relating to age restrictions on online games and how to stay safe online.

31st January – Celebrating Chinese New Year in Year 1

In conjunction with their topic on China, Class 1 celebrated Chinese New Year by sampling Chinese food and creating Chinese dragons. They also learned more about Chinese cultural traditions from a talk by Mrs Finnegan following her visit to Shanghai. These activities promoted respect and tolerance of the culture and beliefs of others.

30th January – Able Robotics Day

Ash Grove hosted an Able Robotics Day for children across Macclesfield; this initiative encouraged collaboration and reciprocal team work; the children were able to understand how important it is to respect the beliefs of others and also how individual have the right to make a positive contribution to society.

25th January – Class visits to Pizza Express

To learn more about the cultures of others, classes 3 and 5 visited Pizza Express where they were able to9 understand and respect the Italian culture around food and cooking. The children were able to tour the restaurant and make their own pizzas.

22nd December – British Red Cross

The children of Ash Grove have raised over £200 for the British Red Cross through Christmas Jumper Day, a cake sale and a disco. The children have an increased awareness and understanding of the role and purpose of charitable organisations.

19th December – The Elf Run

Ash Grove raised over £1000 for Eat Cheshire Hospice by taking part in the Elf Run. This was a phenomenal effort and a great example of how Ash Grove respects and appreciates the community of which we are a part.

16th December – Class 6 learn about Immigration

Class 6 studied the book The Island by Armin Greder in order to understand more about the topical issues surrounding immigration. The story gave children an excellent opportunity to explore the rights of the Individual as well as explore the hierarchy of basic needs. As part of the top, class 6 also visited the People’s History Museum in Manchester to learn more about first hand accounts of migrants into Manchester. The experience provided the children to learn about the importance of Respect and Tolerance.

16th December – Carol Singing

As part of our initiative to make a positive contribution to our local community, the Ash Grove choir took part in carol singing events across the Macclesfield area including at the Grosvenor Centre and a local care home.

15th December – Revolting Rhymes Production

As part of our community engagement focus, the children in Key Stage 2 took part in a Media and Performance enrichment project culminating in a Performance of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. The children were lucky enough to visit the MADS theatre in Macclesfield to gain an understanding and respect for local community cultural initiatives.

12th December – Visit from David Rutley MP

David Rutley MP visited the children of Ash Grove to talk to them about the values of Democracy and also to present the winners of the design a Christmas card competition.

8th December – Reception visit Macclesfield Methodist Church

In order to understand more about and respect the beliefs of others, Reception class visited the Methodist Church in Macclesfield. During the visit they were introduced to how and why the Christmas story is important to Christians.

2nd December – Class 4 visit to the Imperial War Museum Manchester

As part of their topic on World War 2, class 4 visited the Imperial War Museum. As part of our focus on tolerance, rule of law, democracy and individual liberty, the children learned about the horrors of war as well as how the people of Manchester managed during the war.

2nd December – E-safety Ambassadors

The year 6 e-safety ambassadors presented to every class today about how to respect each other and stay safe online. Advice was also given on how to report cyber bullying. Posters were made and displayed across school.

25th November – Ash Grove Careers Day

Today Ash Grove was visited by a number of key people from a range of different careers. The children listened to presentations from a sound engineer, an HR manager, a translator, a prosthetics designer from the film industry, a motorway and traffic maintenance officer, a police officer, an RAF fighter pilot, the fire service. The Careers Day encouraged our sense of Individual Liberty as well as inspired us to think about how we can all make a positive contribution to society.

24th November – Able Writers’ Day

Today Ash Grove welcomed able writers from Years 5 & 6 from across Macclesfield. The children took part in a writing workshop. The day promoted individual liberty, respect for the views and opinions of others and fostered a collaborative team sprit based on tolerance and reciprocal working.

24th November – Reception class visit from the Macclesfield Fire Service

In order to learn more about the rule of law, fire safety and the role of the fire service, our reception class were visited by the Fire Service.

23rd November – Year 3 Evacuee Experience

in order to understand more about British History so that we can respect our history and our culture, class 3 have taken part in a World War 2 workshop where they learnt about life for ordinary people during the war.

22nd November – year 5 & 6 Performing Arts Workshop

The children took part in a performing arts workshop where they were able to explore tolerance and respect for one another.

18th November – Anti-Bullying Week

During anti bullying week, our anti bullying ambassadors have been busy raising the awareness of anti-bullying in school through competitions and cake sales to raise funds for the school council. Through anti-bullying initiative, we encourage the children to learn tolerance and respect as well individual rights and responsibilities.

November 11th – Remembrance

Representatives from the school council attended Macclesfield Town Hall memorial today to listen to the mayor of Macclesfield’s speech and pay their respects during the two minutes silence. Children then visited the cenotaph and placed a wreath of remembrance from the staff, pupils and parents from Ash Grove. Thank you to the parents who joined us.

November 10th – Reception and Class 5 Trip to Peak Wildlife Park

To support their work in class children in reception and class 5 buddied up and visited Peak Wildlife Park. They had some great encounters with meerkats, lemurs, zebras and penguins. The trip helped the children to develop their understanding of looking after animals and animal conservation.

November 3rd – Community Trip to Blackpool

Families joined our school trip to Blackpool to see Blackpool illuminations. Everyone one was able to enjoy a traditional fish and chip supper if they wished and spend time on the promenade or sea front before taking the coach trip through the lights. The most popular one was the Dr Who display.  Thank you to all parents and carers who made the trip really enjoyable.

November 1st 2016 – Reception Trip to the Rainbow Fish

Reception class went to see the Halle perform the Rainbow Fish. Children were an absolute credit to the school as they watched the performance. Children were able to get involved and meet the Rainbow fish.

October 31st – Diwali Celebrations

The whole school celebrated Diwali with workshops run by Tesco’s. Children learnt about Diwali celebrations and were then able to taste a range of foods including raita with naan bread, carrot and poppadums. The children enjoyed experiencing the new tastes. Classes followed up further Diwali celebrations including looking at Rangoli patterns and designing and making their own Divas.

October 21st 2016 – Year 1 Trip to Stafford Castle

To support the work they have been doing in class, Year 1 visited Stafford Castle. They had a brilliant day looking at artefacts, having a tour of the castle, dressing up in traditional costume and seeing weapons they would have used.

October 20th – Red Cross

We held a fundraising event for the British Red Cross. Staff sold toffee apples and money goes to the British Red Cross.

October 18th 2016 – REAL Event

Our REAL event in EYFS was around the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit.’ Thank you to all parents and carers who became engaged in their child’s learning and made the day a great success. Feel free to tray any of the activities at home to promote fine motor skills and coordination.

October 17th PCSO Sarah – Responsible Citizen Talk

PCSO Sarah Wilson visited each class and gave talks on Halloween and Bonfire safety and how to be responsible citizens over Halloween. Children were provided with ways to keep themselves safe and help to make sure others felt safe around Halloween.

October 15th 2016 – Netball Match

Our netball team took part in the Old Trafford netball competition and competed against 8 teams. After only practicing and developing their team skills at the start of term they went on to come 2nd place. A phenomenal achievement and they demonstrated such great team work and fair play within a competition. Well done!

October 13th 2016 – M.A.Ds Theatre Visit

This terms enrichment topic is well underway. Our focus is media and performance promoting children’s skills of reading scripts, performance, marketing a production and set and prop design. Today they visited MADs theatre in Macclesfield and had the full tour to allow them to see how a production fully comes together and all the parts necessary to make it happen. It now helps the children to develop their own performances further.

October 11th 2016 – Bookstore Visit

After receiving prize money from the Siobhan Dowd trust, children from each class were selected to go with Miss Lucas to buy a range of new and exciting books for the school library. Children enjoyed being immersed in the selection of books in the book shop and it helped to further promote their love for reading.

October 10th 2016 – Peer mentoring

Our new peer mentors have begun their role this week. Our mentors work with another child or children in school to support them with their learning. They work with their peer once a week and follow their job description to best support their child. The children absolutely love it and the progress from working with a peer is fantastic.

September 29th 2016 – More able maths day

Higher attainers in maths in year 5 and 6 had a maths challenge day where they looked at new areas of mathematics including pi and x squared. Children had to find patterns and formulas. They used explanation and discussion to articulate their answers and explain their reasoning. By the end of the day the children felt that their maths thinking had been really, really challenged.

September 28th 2016 – United Utilities

Year 6 were visited by United Utilities for a workshop on water efficiency. They developed their understanding of how to use water efficiently and ways to minimise water waste. Children were able to compare their usage and experiences of water with those of children in developing countries.

September 27th – Shutlingsloe

To support their work in class, Year 4 did a hill walk up Shuttlinglsoe. The two groups had very different experiences with the group in the morning seeing very little from the summit as it was so misty. The afternoon group had spectacular views and could see numerous landmarks in the area. The day was a fine example to the children of how being prepared for any walk was a must in case the weather was to deteriorate.

September 26th – Year 6 Houses of Parliament

Year 6 had a phenomenal tour of the Houses of Parliament learning about how parliament help the country to run efficiently and how laws are made. Children were shown the Queens room, The House of Lords and The House of Commons. They saw statues to previous prime ministers and were lucky to see our current prime minister, Teresa May, who was just leaving Parliament after a meeting.

September 26th 2016 – Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to the staff who were passionate about baking a range of delicious cakes for our coffee morning and the parents and carers who were passionate about coming in to sample a piece of cake with a  cup of tea. It was lovely to see families sharing a piece of cake together for this worthwhile cause. Altogether we raised £215 for Macmillan cancer support.

September 19th 2016 – Mayor Visit

Madam Mayor for Cheshire East visited Ash Grove and explained to pupils her roles and responsibilities in the role as Mayor. Her attendant Clive joined her and he gave the children a great talk about the Mace and the history behind it. The children loved having to bow in front of it each time they passed it. The Mayor very kindly awarded Year 6 pupils with their ambassador roles and their roles and responsibilities were explained to the school.

September 15th 2016 – Raold Dahl Day

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Roald Dahl day to raise money for Roald Dahl nurses. All money raised goes to support the fantastic work they do. We raised £110.30

September 9th 2016 – Welcoming our sports coach

The children met their new sports coach, Ben, who will be developing their skills in sports and PE while promoting the Paralympic sporting values in lessons and intra class competitions.