Attitudes to Learning

Building Learning Power - A big ambition

Building learning power is about helping young people to become better learners, both in school and out. Building learning power creates a culture in classrooms and in the school that cultivates attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty in a calm, confident and creative manner. Students who are more confident of their own learning ability learn faster and learn better. They concentrate more, think harder and find learning more enjoyable. Building Learning Power prepares youngsters better for an uncertain future. We recognise the importance of educating our pupils not just for today but for lifelong learning. To thrive, it is not enough to leave school with a clutch of examination certificates. Pupils need to have learnt how to be tenacious and resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive. Building Learning Power puts our pupil’s one step ahead.

Learning Power - There are 4 aspects to learning power:

Resilience – The emotional aspects of learning

Keeping on going when faced with a difficult challenge

Reflective – The strategic aspects of learning

Looking at what has been learned and knowing the learning process and being able to talk about how to further learning

Resourceful – The managing aspects of learning

Asking questions, being inquisitive, drawing on your imagination, seeing connections & drawing on a whole range of resources to develop understanding

Reciprocal – The social aspects of learning

Knowing when it is appropriate to learn independently or with others. Knowing how to be involved in a collaborative activity.

Attitudes to Learning - The SUMO Principles

SUMO is six principles which are designed to help you create and enjoy a brilliant life. If you are wrestling with life’s challenges, these principles will help you do so more successfully:

Change your T-shirt - Take responsibility for where you find yourself in life; proactive not passive.

Develop Fruity Thinking - Understand the importance of attitude and mindset.

Hippo Time is OK - Managing emotions and being resilient under pressure.

Remember the Beach Ball - Building positive relationships.

Learn Latin - How to take positive action and not delay things.

Ditch Doris Day - Forget ‘whatever will be will be’ and take action to create the future you want.