Continuous Enrichment 2016-2017

Here are some of the opportunities provided to the children in 2016-2017:

Able Maths Day - September 2016

This year, Ash Grove have opted to run Able Maths Days which make provision for all learners in Maths. The days provide challenge and depth of understanding through problems solving, reasoning and puzzles.  

We hosted the first one of our Able Maths Days on Wednesday 28th September for children from years 5 and 6.  Over 30 children attended from six primary schools across the Macclesfield District.

The workshop was lead by Anne Fieldhouse who is an NCETM accredited professional development lead and a freelance maths consultant. The emphasis was on the development of mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills as well as the effective use of appropriate maths language through a mix of practical activities, puzzles and problems. 

''Maths day was an amazing experience. Children from other schools arrived with high expectations and we were able to work together in order to explain clearly and properly our Maths to the new children on our table. The aim of the maths day was to encourage us to realiser there isn’t always an answer and that we can always improve on our answers no matter how well tthought through they are. Although it was Maths all day, it was an adventure that filled every one with inspiration. It was great to to explain how I know. My favourite part was at the start of the day when we had to figure out how to make thirty seven by picking ten numbers. However, the problem was that all of the numbers were odd [1, 3, 5, 7] and when you add any two odd numbers it would be equivalent to an even number. This meant that it would be impossible to make thirty seven with only ten numbers. We did an odd one out challenge however there wasn’t an answer because every number had its own reason to be the odd one out. Therefore, in order for us to complete the task, we had to fill every box with three reasons why it was the odd one out while also thinking of a mystery number that didn't follow any rules. After lunch, we had to guess how many squares of chocolate there were in a wrapped bar of dairy milk.  If there was another maths day I would be happy to attend it'' by Rafferty, Year 6.

Parent Carer open Mornings

We opened our doors to parents, carers and governors for our open morning this week. This was an opportunity for everyone to come into school to see what a typical morning of learning is like for their child. They were able to see how the following lessons are taught:

*Spelling and phonics



*Guiding English

After the sessions they were able to ask questions to the teacher and support staff about ways to best support their child at home. The morning proved to be very beneficial with feedback including:

Grandparent of pupil in yr4 -

It was great to see how my grand daughter is taught (which was excellent) and seeing how at ease she was. I noticed how well she has intergrated since she joined in September and how well she gets on with staff and pupils.

Parent of pupil in yr 3 -

It was great to see what they do in class and how they get taught. The teachers work very hard. The maths question and how they worked it out was different from the normal way I do it. My child showed me how to do it this way. I found it very helpful and interesting.

Governor yr 2 -

It was a valuable exercise. Sitting with students was a great idea and being able to interact with them and participate in the whole process was inspiring

Governor yr 4 -

It was good to be able to interact with the children across a number of subjects and also see parents in the class with their chidlren. I did get to see how teaching is done today and how it differs to when I was at school.

Able Writers Day - November 2016

On Wednesday 23rd November, Ash Grove welcomed 37 children from years 5 and 6 from across Macclesfield, to an Able Writers' workshop. The session was led by Chris White, who is an author and illustrator extraordinaire. In poems such as “Elvis the Ugly Baby” and “The Little Blue Lion“, Chris delves into difficult ideas about what is and isn’t “normal” and how individuality counts. And, he manages to make it funny as well. Currently, Chris is participating in the BBC’s Digital Curriculum project aimed to provide online literacy assistance for children.

A fusion of mini-rock-concert, mad-cap poetry and a 21st century-style draw-along may seem an unlikely hotchpotch of elements, but these varied ingredients have provided Chris with a recipe for success in his hugely popular act blending humour, illustration and poetry. He manages to convey his enthusiasm for poetry, books and reading, and inspires his audience to share this passion. 

''First of all, Chris White told us a little bit about himself as well as showing us some of his drawings from his books. Then, he told us a little poem about himself and then told us to create an imaginary animal using different animal body parts. It was really fun! After we made up our animal, we had to call it a name; I called it Uni-Guy and then we made up a poem about the animal we created. Then we had a break and made some new friends. Alannah and I were asked to think of a poem and had to use random words that he thought of. After lunch, we then had to write a comic script/poem about Christmas and we had to base it around a reindeer. We had a great day!'' by Georgia.

''First off Chris White showed us some of his drawings. He drew Swan Directions, Justin Beaver and a super hero in the sky as well as a pirate dentist and Beyonce. Next we created a picture of animals mixed together. We drew a pig’s nose, a dragon’s tale,  a unicorn horn and ears, a crocodile’s mouths, a butterfly’s body and wings and a  giraffe’s neck. He drew it first then we drew it after him. He also told us some funny poems about his life and he did a poem called Croc and Roll .I named my animal Unigator and then I wrote a poem about it. Finally, we drew a man we made him out of body parts. I really enjoyed the day'' by Demi.

''Firstly, Chris White showed us some of his drawings and read us a poem he made about himself. Next, we all created an imaginary animal using other animal body parts that other people had suggested. I really enjoyed that. After we were asked to draw our animal and we gave it a name; I called mine Jeffery, and drew something it enjoys playing with. Then we created a poem about our animal. When we finished off our poem about our animal, we began another poem. We thought of random words and used them in a poem. The end letter had to rhyme with the last word from the other line but also had to include one of the words that we had thought of. After lunch, we made a comic/ poem of about a reindeer and Christmas. Finally, we did a superhero battle where two people went to the front and read a little fact file about their superhero. Then everyone decided who would win in a battle. At the end of the day, he sold some of his books and I got Never Give a Duck a Pen and he signed his book as well as our reading journals'' by Alannah. 

Able Robotics 2017

Ash Grove Academy hosted an Able Robotics Day for children in Years 3 and 4 on Wednesday 25 January.

This was a  great educational, hands-on science / technology based event  run by Ian Botwright. Ian is a former primary school teacher, where he was a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team and is a keen robot warrior.

The day was based around the Knex construction system and Ian builds on an American programme called Kbots (started in the U.S.A. in the late 1990s, please follow this link for more information

In small groups of two or three, pupils assembled and build a basic 'Kbot'.

They then got the chance to redesign and modify the 'Kbot' for a series of competitions: British Bulldog, Bowling Alley, Bridge of Doom, and Kbot Sumo - designed to encourage their ingenuity and increase their knowledge of Design Technology and applicable scientific concepts.

During these competitions they explored the benefits and problems of friction, got to regear their Kbots to make them faster or slower, make use of levers to lift and knock things over. They also had the chance to take a look at the inside of an electric motor and find out why it works. Most importantly the children explored the social aspects to successful design work; learning to co-operate and contribute to a group in order to ensure team success.

Please see attached the pupil voice outcomes for the day.