Enrichment Curriculum

Our Enrichment Philosophy

At Ash Grove Academy, we know that the most important thing we offer our children is the best day-to-day learning experience possible.  This involves teaching a high quality and relevant curriculum, matched to the children's needs.

However, we also want to go further.  Every Friday afternoon, we provide the children with a range of enrichment activities to meet the needs of learners that go beyond the National Curriculum.  These aim to give children experiences that they may not otherwise get, as well as building their confidence and providing them with fantastic speaking and listening opportunities.

Enrichment opportunities are exciting and varied at Ash Grove Academy. Each half term there will be a different focus, with projects to develop news skills, greater levels of understanding and opportunities for children to communicate their experiences with greater clarity. All the additional experiences enhance the wholeness of our pupils; helping them grow and tackle new places and situations they find themselves in.


The themes have been chosen to link with other topic areas covered in the curriculum, and which will provide the maximum benefits and opportunities for the children.

Themes so far...

Autumn 1

Gardening and Horticulture

Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1

Staying Healthy

Summer 2

Media and Performance

Able Workshops

Every term in 2017-2018, Ash Grove will be hosting Able Workshops for children across the Macclesfield area. The focus for these workshops will be Science, Robotics, Maths and Writing. The objective is to ensure that children are provided with enriched opportunities to be challenged at greater depth. The workshops are organised and led by visiting authors, mathematicians and scientists and are fun, engaging and challenging. Children relish the opportunity to collaborate with others from across the wider community and outcomes ensure that children have been provided with the forum to delve deeper into their learning.


Trips & visitors

School trips form an integral part of our ongoing enrichment opportunities.  Each class teacher will arrange a variety of educational visits throughout the school year, providing invaluable experiences that feed directly into their wider curriculum skills.  

Class Presentations

Throughout the year, each class will have the opportunity to present to parents and peers in regular Class Presentations.  These will give the children the chance to develop their self-confidence and presentation skills, as well as showcase their fantastic talents.  Presentations may include sharing their work, singing class songs, or reciting poetry.