Peer Mentoring

Peer mentors are older pupils who work with younger children in school to support them with an area of their learning.  Peer mentors receive training and on-going support to ensure that they have the skills to help them mentor effectively. 

Every Monday afternoon our peer mentors in year 6 buddy up with another child or small group of children in school and work to their job description to support their peer with their learning. Every Thursday afternoon Key Stage 3 pupils from Macclesfield Academy come to Ash Grove to peer mentor children in school. To find out the roles they have please see the Peer Mentoring Roles documents at the bottom of this page.

The Peer Mentors Mission

  •          To be a role model and model approaches & attitudes to learning.
  •          To support children with their learning.
  •          To be a good listener.
  •          To be thoughtful, considerate and encouraging.
  •          Be a knowledgeable guide.
  •          Create a friendly and welcoming working environment.

Peer mentors support children with their reading, writing & maths. Current peer mentoring projects include supporting:

  • Children with their approach to solving maths puzzles & challenges.

  • Children with their development of gross motor skills.

  • More able readers with a literary book club.

  • Children with their reading and helping them gain greater reading mileage.

  • Children with their writing.

Year 6 - Why we enjoy being Peer Mentors?

  • It is fun!
  • We know how people feel when they are faced with a challenge and we can help them tackle it and overcome their challenge.
  • We are responsible and have greater awareness of helping others.
  • We make more friends around the school.
  • Helping someone gives us a good feeling.