Peer Mentoring Younger children in our school

Peer Mentoring has got off to a fantastic start. The Year 6 children have taken their roles very seriously and have embarked on the programme with great pride. They look forward to their sessions on Monday and Thursday afternoons.

In Maths for example, the children have been coaching Year 3 gifted and talented Mathematicians on place value concepts related to four digit numbers. Using number cards, children have been challenged with creating the smallest, largest, odd and  even 4 digit numbers as well as creating a number closest to a target number. The sessions are deliberately interactive and fun and the emphasis is on games within which, Year 3 children are given the opportunity to reason and apply key mathematical skills and concepts.

In literacy year 6 children use an image to help reluctant writers compose a descriptive paragraph. They use a process called ‘through the eye’ and use the same process each week but with a new image. This allows peers to build an approach which they can then apply independently in their literacy lessons.

The benefits for Year 6 are also measurable. It is fantastic to see reluctant speakers being given the opportunity to coach younger children through explanation and deeper levels of open questioning and reasoning.