Reading Resources

This page is for children and parents and carers to have a look at lots of resources to help with reading.  They will be able to practise their reading skills and enjoy some new stories, poems and information books.

There are links to click on which will take you to websites that have banded books for you to read for free, games and phonics lessons and book activities. 



These are two websites that have lots of free

colour banded books for you to read

Click on the picture to get the Raintree website.  It has lots of colour banded books that you can read for free

Username  : rainmar20           Password :  books

If you type Engage Literacy into the search bar you can find higher Book Band colours.



Click on this picture to get to the Collins site.  There are also lots of free colour banded books to read there!



Choose –Teacher

Username :         Password : Parents!21


Here are some links to other websites

Phonics games



Websites with book related activities




Letter tiles to help working with words