Wellbeing and Safeguarding Support

During this unprecedented time, we recognise the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other, and for the need to stay well both mentally and physically.  

Below you will find a selection of activities, helplines and support networks that we hope you will find useful.

  1. Download: Happiness-Booklet
  2. Download: Anxiety-Booklet-1
  3. Download: Bereavement support for children and young people
  4. Download: Anna Freud Centre resources link
  5. Download: CAMHS resources link
  6. Download: Space4Autism updated information
  7. Download: MentalHealthHelplinePoster
  8. Download: Updated support links for parents and carers
  9. Download: Visyon Connect helplines and updates
  10. Download: COVID 19 - New mental health phone line
  11. Download: Resources for young people and families
  12. Download: Support networks and helplines
  13. Download: Cheshire Constabulary - Domestic Abuse support
  14. Download: additional & updated web links
  15. Download: Cheshire Autism Practical Support Covid 19 response
  16. Download: NSPCC links
  17. Download: relaxation-exercises
  18. Download: Domestic Abuse Services COVID19
  19. Download: keeping-children-safe-online
  20. Download: Just Drop In virtual offer
  21. Download: COVID19 - Safeguarding policy addendum
  22. Download: While You're at Home
  23. Download: Monkey Bob safety planning COVID19
  24. Download: Keeping Yourself Safe Booklet
  25. Download: ThinkUKnow home activity packs
  26. Download: PSHE Guide for parents and carers educating children at home
  27. Download: Mental Health (Year 1-2) - Home learning lesson
  28. Download: Mental Health (Y1-2) Resource 1 worksheet - Feelings vocabulary cards
  29. Download: Mental health (Year 3-4 ) - Home learning lesson
  30. Download: Mental health (Y3-4) Resource 1 worksheet - Feelings match up
  31. Download: Mental health (Y3-4) Resource 1A worksheet - Feelings match up - parent guide
  32. Download: Mental health (Y3-4) Resource 2 worksheet - Body outline
  33. Download: Mental health (Year 5-6 ) - Home learning lesson- FINAL
  34. Download: Mental health (Y5-6) Resource 1 worksheet - Activities for health
  35. Download: Mental health (Y5-6) Resource 2 worksheet - Helpful for Mental Health List
  36. Download: Monkey Bob communication COVID19
  37. Download: Communication Booklet (1)
  38. Download: Book - children aged 2-7
  39. Download: Myth Busters - World Health Organisation
  40. Download: ParentZone support links
  41. Download: Coronavirus and Eating Disorders
  42. Download: Useful links - children's mental health and bereavement