Art and DT



At Ash Grove Academy, we value Art and DT as an important part of the children’s education which has a significant and valuable role in the taught curriculum, as well as the enrichment opportunities we offer our pupils. 

In the Early Years, children explore and use media and materials as part of the Expressive Arts and Design Framework. Using the National Curriculum Art and Design and Design and Technology Programmes of Study, we have planned a spiral curriculum for Years 1 to 6 where units of work are linked and build progressively across year groups. This allows children to revisit their previous learning experiences and supports greater retention of knowledge and skills. A focus artist, designer or design technique has been chosen for each topic, which ensures that by the end of year six pupils have a wealth of cultural capital to aid in their future studies.

We are working towards gaining Artsmark, which demonstrates our commitment to arts and cultural education and will further develop our arts provision in school. 


Art is a key subject in building children's ability to express themselves creatively and to be inspired by the wealth of human achievement and culture. The art curriculum for years one to six is built around three strands – drawing, colour (painting) and printing. In each year group, children revisit these strands and progressively develop their understanding and skills as they move up the school. Each unit of work has a focus artist or technique, and the children start by evaluating and critiquing the creative aspects of this work, using it as inspiration for their own artwork to express their creativity and practise the skills they acquire. 

Design and Technology

Through Design and Technology, we encourage the children to design, make and evaluate products for a purpose, using creativity and imagination. This allows children to revisit their previous learning experiences and supports greater retention of knowledge and skills. Our Design and Technology curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop their skills using a range of media and materials and gives them the opportunity to explore and evaluate different creative ideas. Children develop their knowledge of the styles and techniques used by a variety of designers, chefs, architects, engineers and craftspeople. The Design and Technology curriculum for years one to six is based on three strands – texture (fabric and textiles), form (sculpture, structures and mechanisms) and food technology. Each unit of work starts by evaluating and critiquing the work of a famous designer, chef or craftsperson, discussing the functional and aesthetic properties of the designs and using this as inspiration for their own work. The children apply the ‘evaluate, design, make, evaluate’ cycle to their work, creating prototypes and exploring a range of materials and joining techniques across the units. The knowledge and skills of each strand builds on the children’s previous learning, as they hone their skills and develop their understanding of more complex and intricate techniques. In upper Key Stage 2, the children begin to make clear links between their Design Technology work in school and a future career in engineering, designing and creating products that are linked to their work in science and incorporating electrical systems and coding using Lego WeDo 2.0, or mechanisms such as cams and levers, to program, monitor and control their products.


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