Class 5

Welcome to Year 5! 

The Year 5 teaching team are:

Miss Coope               

Mrs Chan 

We have a very exciting and engaging year ahead of us and many new things to learn. Please have a look at our school curriculum page to find out what your child will be learning in Year 5 -  Ash Grove Curriculum

We believe that parents play a vital role in their children's success in school, and we ask you to support us by ensuring that all homework is completed and that children have good attendance throughout their time in Year 5.

We have an open-door policy, so if you have any queries or need to discuss anything, please feel free to speak to us at the end of the school day. 


Reading is the beating heart of our school and a key skill, opening doors to learning and success throughout a child's lifetime. Opportunities to practise reading greatly help children. Therefore, we ask that you encourage your child to read daily. Whilst in school, children will be reading from a range of high-quality texts from our class Reading Journey texts and will be bringing home texts from the school library to share with you at home.


The children will have PE twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is important that children have the correct PE kit every week, so we advise that they are kept in lockers during the half-term. The children also take part in intra-house competitions at lunchtime as well as extra netball/football practice (for those on the team) so it’s a good idea to always have a pair of trainers in school.