Continuous Enrichment

School Council

Our School Council is made up of two members from each class from Reception to Year 6.  This ensures that children are represented across the school community and have an opportunity to air their views. School Council members are elected by their class each year after discussions about qualities and characteristics that they feel would make a good School Councillor.  Every year, the School Council are actively involved in fundraising.  They generate ideas for creative and innovative ways to raise money for national or international charities, as well as for school-based initiatives, and they lead on publicising and running each event. 

Music Tuition

We recognise the importance of providing the opportunity for our pupils to learn a musical instrument. The children in Key Stage 2 are taught to play an instrument & develop their ability to read music by our specialist peripatetic music teacher, Mike Eccles.  

Educational Visits

At Ash Grove, we believe that learning from first-hand experience is very powerful and provides lasting impact. We support children’s learning through a range of educational visits, all of which are linked to our spiral curriculum at school. We ask for voluntary contributions for these trips and workshops approximately three weeks before the activity takes place.  Parents/carers for whom this would cause financial difficulty are invited to come and see us.

Residential Trips

Pupils from Year 1 to 6 are given the opportunity to join residential trips. Our residential trips are extremely popular and give children the opportunity to challenge themselves and be successful in a range of outdoor pursuit activities. This promotes team building skills and raises self-confidence and self-esteem. Our aim is that all children have the opportunity to join these trips, and they run on a two-year rolling programme.

The residential trips are as follows:

Year 1 & 2

Forest Stay



Delamere Forest

1 night residential

Year 3 & 4

Outdoor Pursuits



Robinwood Activity Centre

2 night residential

Years 5 & 6

Cultural Experience



Cultural Destination

3 to 4 nights residential


Visiting Experts

We invite many experts into school to work with our children, including novelists, dramatists, artists, musicians and representatives from local services. Experts inspire our children to learn through sharing their passion for their subject area, which can raise our children’s aspirations for their future careers.