Foundation 1                                                    2021 - 2022 

Welcome to Nursery!

We are so proud to say that our New January starters have settled in to the routine of Nursery life.  The children seem happy to join us at the beginning of each session and are beginning to make new friends. The other children in Nursery have been very welcoming and supportive to ensure that a positive experience for all. 

Your child’s teachers this year will be Mrs Sherratt and Mrs Tucker.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Rushton and Mrs Webb, Ms Khan, Miss Sanchez and Miss Havard.  

Here is some information about our class:

  • Uniform - the children look so smart in their uniforms.  Please label all of your child’s uniform with their name, including shoes, as this helps us to return the items to the correct child if they get lost.
  • Snack - the children will have a slice of toast each morning, and we ask that you send in £1 per week, or 20p per day, to help with the cost of this. 
  • Book bags - can children please bring in a school book bag each day.  Your child can select a book from our lending library to take home and share with you.
  • Wellington Boots - we will be making good use of our school grounds which can get muddy, so it is a good idea to send your child in with a pair of Wellington boots that they can keep in school. 
  • Coats - we do try and get outside in all weathers, so please send your child in with a coat each day (ideally waterproof), which again should be named.
  • Star of the Week  each Friday we have an assembly and a child in each class is chosen for a star award. This is not just for academic achievement but can be given for anything that the teacher sees as an achievement for that child, for example being resilient, being a good role model, being a good friend, putting on their coats by themselves etc.
  • School Comms - Please ensure you have provided a correct email address as most correspondence from school will be sent out electronically.  If a child splits their time between parents, please make sure we have an address for both.
  • Applying for a Reception Class Place - Was your child was born between 1st September 2017 and 31st August 2018?  If so, they will be starting in Reception in September 2022 and you need to apply for a school place.  Please visit the website:  If you need any help with this, please ask a member of staff in Nursery.
  • Collection of Children - Thank you for your support with the staggered drop off and collection times.  Just to remind you, morning children can be dropped off between 8.45 and 9.00 and collected between and 11.35 and 11.50.  Afternoon children can be dropped off between 12.30 and 12.45 and collected between 15.15 and 15.30.  Please collect your Nursery aged child first if you have other children in school.  It is important that children are collected on time as they can become distressed if they are left behind. 

We are always here to listen, so if you would like a chat, we will be available at drop off and collection times.  Alternatively, you can contact us by phone on 01625 919 610 (leave a message and we will get back to you) or email:  Mrs Sherratt –  

We look forward to being partners in your child’s learning.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Sherratt, Mrs Tucker and the Nursery Team



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