Online Safety Advice for Parents

Regular guidance on a range of online issues will be posted here, including the #WakeUpWednesday posters published by National Online Safety.

  1. Download: Spotify
  2. Download: Positive Gaming Outcomes
  3. Download: Staying safe on new devices
  4. Download: Christmas - setting up apps, games and software
  5. Download: Social Media and Mental Health
  6. Download: TikTok
  7. Download: Online Bullying
  8. Download: Virtual Reality
  9. Download: Cross-Platform Sharing
  10. Download: Useful links to support online safety
  11. Download: parenting in a digital worldonline
  12. Download: Online Safety tips for Under 5s
  13. Download: What Parents need to know about Toddlers and Screen Time
  14. Download: PCSO TikTok presentation for parents
  15. Download: Parental engagement - online safety - useful links
  16. Download: Supporting children to deal with upsetting content
  17. Download: Age-Inappropriate content
  18. Download: Horror Games
  19. Download: YouTube
  20. Download: Netflix
  21. Download: Group chats
  22. Download: Online Content - 10 Tips to keep your children safe
  23. Download: Discord
  24. Download: Phone Scams
  25. Download: Brighten someone's day online :)
  26. Download: Respect Online
  27. Download: Respect Online 2
  28. Download: WhatsApp 2022
  29. Download: Guide to checking in with your friends
  30. Download: Share Kindness Online
  31. Download: Snapchat
  32. Download: Pokemon Go
  33. Download: Parental controls - Android apps
  34. Download: Parental controls - iPhone apps
  35. Download: Social Media Scams
  36. Download: Social Bots (computer-generated accounts on social media sites)
  37. Download: Rocket League
  38. Download: Internet-Matters-Guide-Whatsapp-Infographic
  39. Download: Childnet Family Agreement Parent and Carer Toolkit
  40. Download: Childnet Let's talk about life online Parent and Carer Toolkit
  41. Download: Childnet Parents and carers online resource sheet
  42. Download: 12-Smartphone-online-safety-tips-1
  43. Download: Online-Safety-Tips-for-Children
  44. Download: Early-Years-Suggested-Apps
  45. Download: 7-11-Suggested-Apps
  46. Download: Influencers-Guide
  47. Download: Likes-Guide
  48. Download: Parenting-Gamers_F
  49. Download: Friends and Followers