Physical Education


Each child receives a minimum of 1 ½ hours of curriculum time for PE on a weekly basis, which is planned to systematically develop progressive skills. These sessions are either delivered by specialist high-quality coaches or class teachers. Pupils in Key Stage 1 are given ample opportunities to develop their fundamental movement skills and extend their agility, balance and coordination because we are aware that many of our children start school lacking these skills and recognise that they are essential for all sports and general physical activity. In Key Stage 2, pupils continue to apply and develop a broader range of technical skills within the areas of running, jumping, throwing and catching, all of which are used in a range of activities. These skills are incorporated into competitive games, performances using movement patterns, and evaluations of their own and others’ work. This allows pupils to develop their skills across a range of sports and therefore takes a mastery approach. Once these skills have been mastered, they are transferable to any sport pupils may encounter in Key Stage 3 and beyond.