School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office. The password to access policies is ashgrove1935

Links to our Trust Policies and our Staff Policies can be found to the right of this page.

If you wish to have a paper copy of any of our policies, you can either download them directly from the list below, or contact the school office on 01625 919610 email admin@ashgrove.cheshire.sch.uk and our admin team will be happy to meet your requirements.

  1. Download: AGA Accessibility Audit
  2. Download: Behaviour Policy Autumn 2021
  3. Download: Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2021
  4. Download: Bullying Prevention Policy Aut 2021
  5. Download: Bullying Prevention Policy written by the Kindness Ambassadors
  6. Download: AGA Child Gone Missing Policy March 2021
  7. Download: AGA-Collecting-from-School-Policy February 2022
  8. Download: AGA Feedback and Marking Policy Feb 2022
  9. Download: AGA Collective Worship Policy 2020
  10. Download: AGA Disabled Access Policy
  11. Download: AGA Educational Visits and School Trips Policy May 2021
  12. Download: AGA Equality Information and Objectives Policy Feb 2021
  13. Download: AGA Extended Services Including Breakfast Club March 2021
  14. Download: AGA Fire and Emergency Action Plan June 2020
  15. Download: AGA Inclusion Policy 2020
  16. Download: AGA Intimate Care Policy 2021
  17. Download: AGA Invacuation, Lockdown and Evacuation Policy
  18. Download: AGA Lettings Policy May 2021
  19. Download: AGA Plan for Fire and Emergency Evacuation June 2020
  20. Download: AGA Procedures for Minor First Aid Incidents
  21. Download: AGA Positive Handling Policy June 2021
  22. Download: Online Safety Policy September 2021
  23. Download: Emotional Resilience Wellbeing and Mental Health policy SEPT 2021
  24. Download: PSHE Education policy May 2022
  25. Download: Keeping Children Safe in Education - Sept 2021
  26. Download: AET Attendance Truancy Policy - Feb 21
  27. Download: Uniforms Policy - May 2021
  28. Download: Social Media Policy Sept 21
  29. Download: Peer on Peer Abuse Policy
  30. Download: Stress Management Policy
  31. Download: EAL Policy
  32. Download: AET SEND Policy (updated 7.9.21)
  33. Download: Protection of Biometric Data Policy 14.10.2021
  34. Download: Exclusion Policy Autumn 2021
  35. Download: Pupils with Health Needs ATTENDANCE Policy (with COVID addendum)
  36. Download: Health and Safety Policy Autumn 2021
  37. Download: LS-Phonics-and-early-reading-policy- (1)
  38. Download: Ventilation Policy
  39. Download: Ash Grove Policy for Physical Education 2021
  40. Download: Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy March 2022
  41. Download: AGA-Early-Years-Policy-2021
  42. Download: Extended Services Including Breakfast Club May 2022
  43. Download: Asthma Policy May 2022