Reading Activities

Reading is the beating heart of our school!

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The Importance of Reading

Reading is the core skill children require to access their learning in a range of subjects. While children access regular phonics and reading practise at school, it is also important that they are reading at home. This will help them improve their reading fluency and understanding of texts.

Little Wandle: Phonics and Reading

We follow Little Wandle's phonics scheme of learning. This also includes a range of phonetically decodable books that help children to apply their phonics knowledge. Every Friday, your child will be assigned a text on Collins Ebooks to access at home, just like when they were in Year 1 (see link below). They will already be familiar with the text. These texts are matched to your child's reading level and are designed to consolidate your child's learning of vocabulary, allowing them to develop their reading fluency further.

Although children can read these texts independently, please try to read with your child as much as possible to help to develop their reading skills. You may even ask them questions in relation to what they have read or help them if they are unsure of any vocabulary.

Reading Opportunities

Alongside books assigned by their teacher, children may also want to read for pleasure. They may choose their own books that they are interested in, in order to nurture their love of reading. We want children to enjoy reading, not just see it as a job! We will also visit the Key Stage One Library regularly, so your child may choose a different book to share at home. 

There are plenty of opportunities for reading practice through everyday activities that will expose children to a range of texts. You could encourage them to read recipes, magazine articles, poems, instruction manuals, stories or even labels and signs. You could read to your child, they could read to you, or you could share a book together.

There are a selection of FREE audiobooks on the World Book Day website. Audiobooks are a brilliant way of enjoying books being read aloud, whether they are shared with family or friends, or listened to alone.

You can find more audiobooks at Bolinda LibraryBorrow Box, and Naxos Audiobooks.