Reading for Pleasure

Fostering a Love of Reading at Ash Grove 

Our view of reading considers how to maintain a balance between providing children with the skills to become competent readers with the will to read widely, often and for pleasure, fostering both reading engagement and attainment. 


We seek to create vibrant reading community of readers at Ash Grove, both within and beyond school. We want to invite children into the imaginative, informative and engaging world of reading, and share our own pleasures and experiences as readers.  


We know that recreational reading contributes to increased comprehension and  attainment in literacy, higher mathematics scores, enriched narrative writing and a wider vocabulary.  


Reading, and being read to can also be calming, offering a safe space for relaxation and escapism, as well as a sense of belonging that is so important for our children. 

At Ash Grove, we have built an immersive reading environment. One which creates, develops, and nurtures a Reading for Pleasure (RfP) pedagogy for our children. 

We ensure that: 

  • Every child is regularly read to. 

  • We develop social reading environments that raise the profile of Reading for Pleasure. 

  • Children have a wide range of high-quality, diverse books; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels and magazines to choose from. 

  • We continue to be seen as ‘Teachers as Readers’, by the children.  

  • We build reading communities within our school between staff, children, and their families. 

  • We continue to increase the amount of high quality, diverse, current children’s literature, available for all children to read. 

  • Every classroom has an inviting reading area along with displays featuring specific genres and book recommendations.

Reading displays have been created throughout school to promote reading. 


We have strong links with Macclesfield Library and promote their Summer and Winter Reading Challenges. 

We foster children’s autonomy as readers through Library visits, Book Votes regular visits to school libraries.



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