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Some children in Year 5 and Year 6 have worked with the children's author and rap artist, Donavan Christopher, to create this rap about our Ash Grove ethos:

Time and Preparation

We aim high with expectations,

Showing people our determination.

Every day we achieve our goals, 

We don't bury our heads like moles.

If you fail to prepare, you're preparing to fail,

You've got to make a plan before you set sail.

Your progress will build as you move along,

To succeed on this journey, sing this song!

We're aiming HIGH to achieve -

At Ash Grove, we all believe!

To yourself, please don't deceive.

We don't want to be naive.

Dedicate yourself to tasks,

And don't hide behind a mask.

This is all we really ask,

If you want to hear the facts.

We all need to progress in education,

Having a steely determination.

To get where you want to go

You need to get with the flow.

We ASPIRE to CARE and RESPECT all others,

Our AMAZING, FANTASTIC Ash Grove Brothers!