The teaching of science at Ash Grove Academy aims to foster the children’s natural curiosity and support their understanding of the subject as a process of enquiry, as well as build the acquisition of relevant scientific knowledge.

Scientific concepts and skills, such as making predictions and using their personal experiences to inform their observations, are introduced to children in the Early Years through the EYFS Statutory Framework areas of learning, ‘Physical Development’ and ‘Understanding the World’. This early learning feeds directly into the knowledge curriculum for years 1-6. Using the National Curriculum Science Programmes of Study as the starting point, our year-by-year curriculum has been carefully designed to build on prior learning through a spiral approach, linking units of work across year groups but also across Key Stages.

Where possible, this learning is contextualised in the local environment but is also linked with other areas of the wider curriculum, for example rocks and soils is taught in Year 3 and feeds directly into their geography work on rivers, mountains and earthquakes, and animals and their habitats is taught alongside biomes and climate zones in Year 5. This allows children to make clear links within and across their learning, as well as revisit previous learning experiences.

Throughout the curriculum, the children are encouraged to ask, predict and answer questions using close observations, reasoning and explanation, as well as present their findings in increasingly sophisticated ways.