UNICEF Rights Respecting School

The Rights Respecting Schools Award | Unicef UK

In January 2020, Ash Grove Academy began the journey to becoming a UNICEF Rights Respecting School.  This means that we are embedding the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child within all that we do, from our curriculum content to our corridor displays.  

Our first aim was to achieve Bronze Award: Rights Committed.  In order to reach this milestone, we had to inform and involve the whole school community, including staff, governors and parents, so that everyone was aware of the rights of the child and the commitment we were making as a school. 

As well as this, we set up an RRSA Steering Group made up of parents, staff and children across the school.  Their job was to push out an audit to measure our starting point, evaluate the outcomes of this audit, and use this to create a clear and detailed Action Plan.  We also needed to begin to inform the children of Ash Grove Academy of their rights according to the UN Convention, their role as Rights Holders, and the need for them to respect the rights of others.

We are proud to say that we were judged to have met all of the criteria to meet the standard for Rights Committed, and we were awarded our Bronze Award in March 2020.  

Over the next few years, we will begin to complete the actions identified on our formal Action Plan, thereby moving towards achieving our Silver Award: Rights Aware.